We are an educational technology company based in Nigeria, helping higher institutions across Africa to digitize teaching and learning.

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We started with one vision:

to pioneer a reality where educators & students in higher education across Africa stays efficient and motivated to deliver quality education through digital technology.

So we believe:

Educators in higher institutions across Africa can become more efficient and focus on teaching despite the high ratio of students to an educator.
Students can track their learning, be motivated to improve learning engagement and performance, regardless of educators' reduced efficiency.
Higher Education Institutions can handle more students without directly building 'physical' infrastructures.
Higher Education Institutions in Africa will someday attract more students and educators from other continents than they export yearly.

The DNA that drive everything we do

User Obsession

We can't live without users. They are our blood.

Focus on Impact

We live to help our users live better.


We go where nobody wants to or takes time to go. We find better ways to do things.

Open & Respectful

We believe ideas can come from anyone.

Team work

People. People. People. That's the engine.