For Educators

If it doesn't make you 3x efficient, nothing else will.

A simple and easy way to automate your manual tasks as an educator.

We know you handle many students every semester, so we built one tool (not more than one) to help you handle your manual tasks, which helps you focus on teaching, research and more.

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Cutting-edge lectures

Live Virtual or In-person lectures
Easy lecture schedules sync with students.
Automated or manual attendance
Co-lecture with another educator.
.... and more!

Reimagined Assessments

Give assignment while our engine handles submission etc
Secured quiz with multiple question types to expose students to learning.
Auto-grading with optional feedback
.... and more!

Academic Communications

End-to-end private chats
After-Class Q&A Sessions
Organized annoucements
Learning feedbacks
.... and more!

Track Engagement

Reporting dashboard
AI-driven recommendations
.... and more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Not a problem. Check through here to see if we attempted to answer any of them.

What exactly does the software do for me as an educator?

Our cloud-based software digitizes your teaching process and automates your manual tasks such as lecture schedules, attendance, assessments, learning feedbacks from students and just many more, so you can focus on teaching and other things.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do! But we offer it based on negotiations with your institution.

Can I handle all my courses?

Yes. You can easily manage all your courses and students without conflict.

Any student limits or the likes?

No. Whether small class like 50 - 100 or large class 500, 800 1,000, 10,000 etc, bring it on seamlessly.

Can I access it on a mobile app?

Our engineering team is currently working on our mobile app and will be ready. However, you can access our platform on any device that has a browser (Chrome preferably).

How do I signup?

Great! To signup, click here. Note that your institution must have agreed with us as we only onboard users when your institution approves.

How do I get help if I'm stuck?

No worried! No need to go to your ICT Unit. You can always chat up our dedicated support engineers to help you out (you can only access this from your dashboard). You can also play the short videos to see how to navigate through your dashboard (you can only access this from your dashboard).