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What you do think about improving your learning engagement & performance? We can make that happen!

Improve your learning engagement and performance.

We understand you want to have and achieve your learning goals. We can motivate you! We help you drive your learning journey.

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Track your progress

Be able to set your learning goals, stay accountable and know how you're doing daily so you can adjust for better. No need to wait till the end of semester.

Improve your learning engagement

We reward you for driving your learning goals which should motivate you to do better.


Get to share ideas and work on activities together with your co-students, even students from other institutions but within your discipline.

Improve your performance

We track your assessment scores and provide you a follow up learning activities to help you make better your understanding of the subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Not a problem. Check through here to see if we attempted to answer any of them.

What exactly does the software do for me as a student?

Our cloud-based software enables you to track your learning progress, improve your learning engagement and performance by personalizing additional learning activities and incentizing you to learn more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do! But we offer it based on negotiations with your institution.

Can I access it on a mobile app?

Our engineering team is currently working on our mobile app and will be ready. However, you can access our platform on any device that has a browser (Chrome preferably).

How do I signup?

Great! To signup, click here. Note that you can become active when you've join your courses which means that your lecturers MUST have been onboarded by your institution.

How do I get help if I'm stuck?

No worried! No need to go to your ICT Unit. You can always chat up our dedicated support engineers to help you out (you can only access this from your dashboard). You can also play the short videos to see how to navigate through your dashboard (you can only access this from your dashboard).